Budget and go because it's time to reward yourselfie

Skywards 的 100,000 里程等你赢取!

上传一张您最喜爱的汽车旅行自拍照,并附带一小段文字说明理由,然后告诉我们您希望去哪里旅行,就将有机会赢取 Skywards 的 100,000 里程!

此外,我们还提供 5 项二等奖,分别可获得 Skywards 的 20,000 里程。


Winner of 100,000 Miles was Helen A. with a selfie taken in the old Bagan, a city located in Madalay region of Mayanmar.

In addition 5 lucky winners of 20,000 Miles each:

Mahamed D.
Corrinne C.
Yves D.
Adriana S.
Isabelle D.